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The Mission of the Perfume Passage Foundation is to preserve the history, beauty and artistry of perfume bottles, compacts, ephemera and related vanity items. Through education, awareness and access to the collection, library and archives, our objective is to inspire art lovers, collectors, archivists and curators to keep this history alive.
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Autumn 2020
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The Perfume Passage Foundation has published our very first magazine, Perfume Passage Journal.††This inaugural issue is dedicated to the Italian perfume company, Rudy Profumi which is celebrating its centennial.†
It was founded in 1920 and continues to operate today under the management of third and fourth generation family members.
We embarked on this mission in collaboration with Museo di Profumo in Milan, who shared a wealth of information on the Rudy Profumi Company.

In each edition of Perfume Passage Journal, you will find articles that document the known history of a specific subject available in our collection. Each Journal will serve as a digital archive on a topic or theme, and when new information or images are discovered, they will be added to the publication archives.

The artifacts represented in the Journal can be found in exhibits in our galleries at Perfume Passage. We hope that once we're able to re-open for tours, you'll plan a visit to admire the whimsical figural perfumes by Rudy Profumi!

Perfume Passage Email Articles
October 27, 2020
Around The World With Perfumes - Part 2
We continue on our world travel series through the eyes of our perfumes and the cultures that influenced them.
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September 29, 2020
Around The World With Perfumes - Part 1
We welcome you to our world travel series through the eyes of perfumes, cultures and bottles that influenced them. To understand the history of perfume, we must look at the trade routes of ancient times.
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August 9, 2020
Dog Days of Summer
Pictured here is our very own Skye (Alaskan Malamute). More than a dog, she is truly a member of our family. Many days she accompanies me (Rusty) to work here at Perfume Passage.
During these hot and humid dog days of summer, Skye enjoys air conditioning indoors and getting much attention..
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July 19, 2020
Red, White & Blue - Colors of an American Tradition!
July represents fireworks, patriotism, 4th of July and summer gatherings with family and friends. This year however, it is different. We continue to face a pandemic, maintain social distance and care for those around us that are vulnerable by covering our faces.
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June 16, 2020
Shulton Company
Early American Old Spice
June is a time to celebrate the start of Summer and Father's Day.

We are dedicating this issue to all the dads in our lives. And what better way than to highlight an American Classic Fragrance that reminds many of their fathers.
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September 29, 2020
The Evolution of Gadget Canes (Video)
Besides perfume bottles, vanity items and ephemera, we have a collection of gadget canes on display at Perfume Passage. These marvels hid many items, primarily weapons such as daggers, swords and even guns. Our collection also includes canes that concealed compacts, perfume bottles and other vanity items.

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July 18, 2020
Trench Art
Art has different functions throughout history, having many unique and different reasons for being created. And we know that art is in the eye of the beholder. Trench Art certainly fits this definition.

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July 18, 2020
Paint On Hosiery During War Years
The Second World War influenced fashion in a great many ways. Between women going to work in huge numbers and war rationing, fashion got a huge make over.

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June 15, 2020
Men's Hygiene
Americans had been as reluctant to bathe as Europeans, but by the late 19th century, the United States leapt toward the eradication of dirt and smells, adopting novel cleaning devices like showers and toothbrushes, which were supported by the latest studies on hygiene.

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May 30, 2020
Why My Mask Protects You and Your Mask Protects Me, goes back to the 17th century
The oldest living American is 115 years old and resides in North Carolina. She's one of over 300,000 centenarians worldwide and while most were too young to remember details of living through the 1918 flu pandemic, many do recall the required lockdowns, neighborhood deaths and mandatory wearing of masks.

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May 9, 2020
Established in 1904 by two, free and independent spirits, Caron brought together perfumer Ernest Daltroff and former dressmaker Felicie Wanpouille, who formed a perfume company that broke the codes of its time with their first creations.

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March 15, 2020
Reflections of Travel Adventures
SS Teutonic

We are living in unprecedented times. Life has changed in a world of pandemic, however, March is a travel month for many! Students have a week-long vacation from school. Parents are ready to take a trip to a sunny destination to get away from the gloomy cold weather. And people are often ready for a break after a busy start to a new year. And although now is not a good time to take a cruise, we did want to celebrate March by climbing aboard an ocean liner, a popular travel adventure.

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November 12, 2019
Acqua Dei Rii Di Venezia (Italy circa 1920ís) Designed by Umberto Bellotto (1882 - 1940)
Venice, the city of canals and romantic gondola rides in the Veneto region, northeastern Italy.

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July 22, 2019
The Charley Ross Cologne Bottle
Charley Ross, 4, and his brother Walter, 5, were kidnapped on July 1, 1874, from the front yard of their family's home in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. This bottle was designed to help find the boy, who unfortunately was never found.

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May 3, 2019
1912 Lalique Fougeres Perfume Bottle Pushes Auction Total to Half Million
In the smallest Perfume Bottles Auction in 11 years, the firm offered 180 lots, realizing just above a half million dollars, making it the best per-item result in its history.

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